Karelia Hybrid

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Karelia Hybrid - a hybrid producing company from Finland

Karelia Hybrid is a marketing co-operative founded in 1997 and owned by 28 independent pig breeders.

The main function of the co-op is to sell pigs for breeding and for meat pig production.

The activities of Karelia Hybrid co-op are customer centered, cost-efficient, responsible and flexible.

Today, the high quality of Finnish pig genetics concerning Yorkshire and Landrace purebred lines is acknowledged worldwide and it stems from long-term breeding work. It is based on the use of artificial insemination of sows since 1966, on the use of BLUP animal model index since 1993 and on the fact that index records are collected from the commercial herds as well. The good health situation in herds has contributed to reliable breeding results. Since 2012 the EVA –program has been used to plan breeding. Genomic selection is being taken into use.

Purebred Finnish breeding pigs have been exported to several countries worldwide and they have achieved good breeding results.