Karelia Hybrid

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The Finnish breeding program and breeding animal exports are the responsibility of the breeding company Figen Ltd. The actual breeding work is carried out by independent nucleus farms that also sell breeding pigs directly or through Figen Ltd.

Figen operates the breeding pig test facility at Längelmäki in central Finland since 2006. Each nucleus farm sends test groups, mainly boars, from each of their purebred litters to the test farm for progeny tests. Daily gain and feed efficiency are measured individually on each pig. After slaughter the carcass and meat quality are measured including color, pH and marbling.

After performing the on-farm tests the best boars are selected for AI use or sold to farms or for exports.

Breeding pigs receive their K-indices that describe the expected breeding value of their meat pig qualities.

Fertility information such as the number of total born, mortality, farrowing age and interval, are collected from the nucleus farms and calculated to form the H-index.

The Yorkshire and Landrace populations are DNA tested free from the halothane stress gene.

In addition to rapid growth rates breeding work focuses on good meat quality, good health and high fertility. Figen Ltd’s breeding strategy underlines profitability so that every born piglet will grow to into an effective meat pig.

Karelia Hybrid nucleus farms are on the top of the national ranking list.

With effective Finnish genetic material it is possible for commercial farms to achieve over 850 g daily gain for 30 kg to 115 kg and the best farms demonstrate over 1 000 g daily gain records on a regular basis.