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Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme

The project of development of export of breeding livestock

The project is financed into the frames of Euregio neighbourhood programme. The general responsibility for realization of the project belongs to cooperative Karelia Hybrid in collaboration with Faba Jalostus, ProAgria Northern Karelia and others working out breeding programs.

Project’s goals:

The territory of the project’s realization: Murmansk, Leningrad area, Archangelsk, Karelia rep., Kainuu, Northern Savo, Northern Karelia.

The interest of Finnish pig breeding companies in increasing export of animals and a necessity of development of breeding programs in the Karelia rep. led to a creation of common project.

In the context of this project Finnish pig breeding organisations are ready to share their experience with partners from Russia which will allow us to reach joint success on the fast-growing market.

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